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Here’s the stories of success post:

A lot of people don’t come back to the forum when they’ve healed themselves because there is no reason to…so there likely is more success stories. I am sure there is a lot of failure stories as well that we don’t hear about.

As far as finding a doctor who will know what candida is and how to treat it; I would go to a naturopathic doctor who has treated patients with candida overgrowth many times before. Typically a good naturopath’s office would contain hundreds of homeopathics from throughout the world as well as high quality vitamins from brands such as standard process, thorne, integrative thereapuetics, to name a few. I recently heard of someone who went to a naturopath in greece and their doctor gave them one homeopathic which likely won’t help them reach a cure. I would be happy to send you an email of the naturopath in my town who has helped me reach a cure; he feels that each person has their own version of candida, which I agree with. He has customers throughout the world; from brazil to china, I definitely am lucky! I share what I learn on this from him on this forum because he single-handedly turned me around to good health.

I am basically symptom free after 11 months on the diet and am not planning on going back to a western diet in the foreseeable future. Why risk compromising all of that hard work? I don’t think that should be your goal when you become healthy again because it has caused so many health problems for other people such as heart disease, diabates, obesity, cancer, etc.