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My now 4 1/2 yr old daughter contracted the MRSA infection when she was 2 years old. Right after her little body had been bombarded with 9 vaccinations forced by the state of florida or it was going to be negligence on my part. When we lived up north we were spacing out her vaccinations so she wouldnt be overloaded and shortly after getting those vaccinations which inflamed her inguinal lymph nodes she got bit by a mosquito and went swimming in the pool at our complex. I dont know if it was the mosquito or the pool that had the bacteria, but ever since then she gets re-occuring infections every 3 months. At first it was awful because we couldn’t catch it in time and small infection turned into hospital visits with lancets and lots of tears from her and me. I thought how awful it is to have to have my baby go through this. I was determined to get rid of this.I started researching natural cures. MRSA lives in the nose, if it can be killed there, the re-occuring infections won’t come back. So I looked up colloidal silver and how it kills the MRSA and I swipe her nose every day with a Q-tip soaked in the liquid and she hasn’t had and infection in 6 mths. I would much rather take care of things naturally, than to put another chemical into her, which I believe was the reason why her body could not fight off the infection due to the overload of toxins from vaccinations. So I would never take the vaccination for MRSA which would put part of it into my body so that I can build up antibodies against it. How about just building up our immune systems naturally!! Go Kombucha, Kefir and home made yogurt!!! Fight for me and my daughter!!!