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Floggi;34491 wrote:  

Why is thiomersal added to vaccines? Well, two reasons actually. The first is preservation. Without thiomersal, vaccines would disintegrate quite quickly. That would of course be very good for the pharmaceutical companies, because lots of vaccine would have to be thrown away and re-purchased. Yet, the choice was made to add thiomersal, thereby increasing the lifetime of the vaccine. This is of course a boon to the population, even if it’s a negative for the pharmaceutical companies.

The second reason for adding thiomersal is that it greatly increases the effectiveness of the vaccine. In other words, without thiomersal, doctors would have to inject much more of the actual vaccine stuff. That, in turn, would result in much more severe reactions of the body. The addition of thiomersal therefore results in a very good effect, without making us feel sick from the vaccination.

The story about the aborted fetal tissue is just plain nonsense. Sorry for these harsh words, but that’s how it is.

Actually Thimerosal is added to larger vials that cost dr’s less money than a single vial without thimerosal. It doesn’t increase the lifetime of the vaccine, but it allows someone to enter multiple times into that larger vial. The thimerosal free flu vaccine is not any less effective and actually the dose is exactly the same 0.5ml for both the flu vaccine with or without thimerosal. And there are no more severe reactions from the preservative free flu vaccine than there are with the regular. But if you’re pregnant most good doctors will recommend the one without just like you would avoid sushi if pregnant. So I’m not sure what good effects you think thimersal brings us; I see that it keeps the cost lower so more providers can inject more of the population. Almost every child I know that has received the flu vaccine has has far worse complications than the ones that didn’t receive the injection. Now here is a link that describes the aborted fetal proteins and genetically modified human albumin in vaccines…