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floggi u dont care why i think vaccines are dangerous cause autism ,gullion bars syndrome ,infant death and many other reactions and thats ok .

i dont care why u think vaccinated children are at risk from others opting out yes before u tell me why !WHY should it matter to me why u believe what u do if i dont agree with it in the 1st place !why in the hell would it matter to me if u think your reasoning is perfect ?!

its pretty stupid for u to think i give a crap about why u think what u do !if u think vaccinated kids are at risk due to others being unvaccinated and u think u have a good reason write about it all day i dont care period !!!!!

this is why a few pages ago i told u to end this discussion and asked to come to a agree to disagree .I have stated why i believe how i do sum agree and others dont this is always how it will be .i think its great so many in us are opting out of dangerous vaccines and that others on here do see my points and agree however in the end its a choice one has to make .

calling me a conspiracy theorist is the exact same thing as me thinking u are a sheep and media whore .the words conspiracy theory attack a critical thinker one who forms opinions on their own and does not subject themselves to media hype and propaganda ,i get my news from all independent sources.

i do not dismiss things before hand nor do i have a closed mind at all infact it seems u are extremely closed minded to me but im pretty sure i will not agree with why u think what u do .the whole idea that people choosing not to vaccinate affects other vaccinated children is insane & ridiculous ! i have learned all i know from being opened minded ,doing research and listening to people who disagreed with me as well .