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as i stated b4 it is the mix of chemicals in vaccinations and the combination of giving them all at once that causes autism ,adverse reactions and death .

whatever u speak of that happened did not have to do with anyone not receiving a vaccine ,it is impossible to say that vaccines protect or work and injecting the very same disease into your bloodstream for a chance u may get it is insane .The whole idea of vaccinations is outrageous but it is the 30 different chemicals and that they combine vaccines and more than one at once that really causes the deaths and autism .there is no doubt in my mind that more children die from adverse reactions to the mixture of formaldehyde,aluminuim and mercury ,the live virus ,and aborted fetal tissue than ever actually getting the disease the vaccination was for .

As for fluoride they use the chemical in our dental products that is a by factor of aluminum companies in the 40s we all know aluminum in the brain causes Alzheimers .There is a natural fluoride found in the earth that is actually ok but they are not using this in our products .

My advice to anyone stay away from all vaccines ,and fluoride ,breast feed your babies for a good immune system .I have a healthy 19 month old that will never receive a vaccine and know many other babies who get very sick this time of year because of vaccinations lowering there immunity .it wasent as bad when we were lil they are now shooting our babies with hep b out the womb !its disgusting !

there lil infant bodies cant handle all those chemicals plus the live vaccine at once and that how autism began in the 80s with the combinations of vaccines ,it is no coincidence that as soon as they start adding new chemicals and combining more than one vaccine that autism begins !

the immune system protects u from getting sick a vaccine injects numerous toxic chemicals including a live virus into your bloodstream with the attempt u will become immune to that disease,this in fact alters our genetic code as human beings as we are not meant to put this into our bodies .enough said goodbye