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What to think about is when you have a perfectly healthy child at 2yrs old with no signs of brain abnormalities and then shortly after a vaccination the child has brain dysfunction. At that point the parents can only link something in the vaccination to their child’s brain dysfunction. If the vaccination was the “only” thing that the child received differently then it can raise some major concern. (Being that the child did not take a serious round of antibiotics or drugs or any other chemicals that could led to bad health)

I can see floggi point on his analogy of how some chemical’s are more toxic than other’s depending on their form. The purpose of the candida vaccination is to jump start the immune system again that has been desensitized by the antigens that the candida has released or to try to reprogram the immune system to become more efficient. For some that are in serious/critical condition they need something to work fast and may not have time for alternative routes.

What I found interesting is that when you go to the hospital and they hook up with a IV they will have sodium in the bag but not potassium in the bag. The nurse said the potassium can be very hard on your system and had me take potassium tablets orally. So certain chemicals can have a much different impact whether its taken orally or injected. A certain chemical might be much less toxic if ingested orally than injected directly into the bloodstream. So it raises some concern on any fillers that they put in vaccinations and its effect that it might have on the body. If there is any chance that some of these fillers can interfere with the health of a developing child I don’t want to take that risk. Each parent should read the ingredients of the vaccine to see what is in it before it gets injected into your child.