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Floggi;35083 wrote:  

So let’s stop exposing our children to the risk of autism. We may save four children per year. Each and every year! Let’s not wait – let’s save those poor innocent children!

Floggi, do you have candida or children??

In an earlier post you mentioned table salt being harmless. We all know not to use table salt since it also contains sugar. The MMR vaccine also contains sugar. Along with human diploid lung fibroblasts, bovine serum, sucrose, human albumin, fetal bovine serum, etc, etc… this is directly from the vaccine insert.

“The ACIP (advisory committee for immunization practices) has stated, “although data are limited concerning the simultaneous administration of the entire recommended vaccine series (hep b, hib, dtap, polio, varicella), data indicates no interference between recommended vaccines.””

So to me that says we haven’t studied the combination of 9 vaccines on a growing immune system, but it’s probably okay anyway since we’re recommending them. They have studied, or so they say, the simultaneous administration of chicken pox and mmr, but the fda had also approved 300mg of wellbutrin when in fact they never tested it and took years and thousands of suicides to alert us of their mistake. So just because you or the fda/cdc/monsanto says its ok, doesn’t mean we’re going to believe it.