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A localized penile candidiasis without more symptoms isn’t related to Candida Related Complex.

This syndrome produce more symptoms than a penile candidiasis.

First, there are two kinds of penile candidiasis. An acute infection where yeast produce itching, inflammation, intense redness, tissue decomposition,etc. This kind of infection is extracellular on the skin of the penis glans. It should go away with proper antifungal treatment. There are many things you can use topically. Clotrimazole, Ketoconazole, Nystatin, Boric Acid, Methilene Blue, Gentian Violet, Terconazole, Sodium Bicarbonate, etc. Orally, you can take any systemic azole.

The other kind is a residual intracellular infection that occurs after an acute infection. Many times, our cell-mediated immunity isn’t strong enough to stop the yeast invading deep tissues.
Yeast penetrates our cells causing an intracellular infection known as the red form of candida.
This infection is more complicated to cure because you need to take an effective systemic antifungal long term which be able to reach the infected cells. Inside our cells, yeast produce enzymes and metabolites that causes redness, burning, and inflammation.

Keep in mind that redness alone may be the result of another cause. Also, there are many candida species and strains. Some of them are more virulent and resistant to the actual antifungals than the rest. The infection could be Candida Krusei, Candida Glabrata, Candida Tropicalis, or another species.

There are also immune modulators and combined treatments to cure a persistent mucosal yeast infection.