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Lauren wrote: I just want to clarify that I know that in the end it is my decision and I will be talking to my doctor if I really want to go a natural way. I am just seeing if there might be a very small chance someone else has had a similar issue :D.

I took Mastic Gum one complete month before to tackle H. Pylori with a sequential short antibiotic round. I researched a lot all the options before to decide one because antibiotics were involved and I already had candida overgrowth. I ended following Dr. Galland’s suggestions about Mastic Gum. I was also considering the South African tea but read many times it is an scam.

After taking Mastic Gum for a month, I took antibiotics for only 5 days together with Bismuth tablets and Nystatin refrigerated powder to avoid more fungal overgrowth.

My endoscopy and antigen in stool were negative after that treatment. I found the sequential protocols the less aggressive to my candidiasis.