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Very glad to hear that you finally got some answers about your rash. And I’m thankful it wasn’t due completely to what you were eating. Seems like you have been doing all the right things since you had some wine…and it had to be frustrating to still have the rash despite how careful you were.

I bet it makes all the difference having some answers now! 🙂

I had a WEIRD rash a couple years ago. It was bad enough for me to make an appointment with a dermatologist. It lasted about 6 weeks and I remember watching it spread while I was sitting in class one day. I was very worried and couldn’t get any answers. It ended up being something called Pityriasis rosea.

It sounds very similar to what you had Lucy. In fact, I found this sit that compares the two:

I was told my rash was caused by a virus but that’s about all they know. A very small percentage of people get it. I think I increased my chances of getting this rash with my compromised immune system due to candida. There were a couple other symptoms I was experiencing that was candida related…but did not realize it at the time.

Congrats again on some answers and hope the medicine the doctor gave you gives you some relief! 🙂