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tracibako wrote: Hi All
I am new to this forum. I recently had a Candida flare-up. I had candida 6 years ago and got rid of it in 6mo. But now it is back. I should mention that I also have MS which becomes worse during a flare-up.

So, Im back on the diet and was wondering if there is any gum that I can chew on stage 1? Since I get up very early for my workouts, I would love to have some gum to chew while lifting.

And any other pointers would be great. It’s been so long and I’m sure I have forgotten most the rules. However, I have gone through some of the very helpful discussions. Everyone has great questions.

Thanks, Traci

The answer is no I think. You can buy a product called steviadent, but it uses manitol & sorbitol (alcohol sweetners).

Out of interest why do you want it for lifting? When I chewed gum I use to spit it out when I trained, its a mildly risky if your lifting in supine positions as well.