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Toffeecoo wrote: Im no expert, raster, but Ive never heard of orange/redish poop outside of someone being kind of sick, to back that up I googled “what determines the color of feces” and you get a ton of results to cross reference. As suspected though, none of them say food matter determines color, so I would do some research to determine the cause.

I’m also no Able, but from all the posts I’ve read I think probiotics should be taken from day 1, antifungals a few weeks into it. Boosting good bacteria first should help to be your infantry before you call in the cavalry! 😀 wait a few days and see if that changes the hue back to normal

Hi mate,
I ate one day before the diet here red beat roots. Then I forgot about it and the next day when I went to toilet I got a chock and thought I had a bleeding cancer in my guts. Everything was red and only red, like someone had been bleeding like hell. Then after the initial chock I came to my senses and remembered the red beat root.
I learned from that even I experienced real fear. The fear experienced was not based on reality. So one is able to freak out for nothing. Then I learned that the food is indeed colouring the next days results. 😉