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Faith wrote:

Faith wrote:
Yikes, popcorn? I don’t think so. As far as I can remember you say anything “corn” and it’s not a good idea! 😉

And I think green apples are a test item, far down the stage line. If you’re following the “strict diet”. I’ve been on for about 4.5 months and haven’t touched one yet. I think about it often, but not willing to try.

But, I don’t know, someone else would probably know more. But I think it’s a stage 3 item and who knows how long it will take someone to get there? I thought I’d WAY be there by now!!! 🙁


What are you doing to eliminate the fungal colonies living in the colon ??
Do you really think that oral antifungal substances can reach the colon and kill candida colonies that are creating your health problems ??

I really doubt that anything taken by mouth can correct a serious intestinal fungal overgrowth that is living on a mucus layer that protect your colon walls.

It is simple, there is not way to delivery the antifungals to the colon orally. They will be absorbed in the upper intestinal part going to the blood. If some remain goes down, it will be very low in concentration and mixed with decomposed food and death flora.

So, how can you expect they work ?? This is the reason because the diet needs to be so strict. No having any other way to kill the fungus, you are left with the starvation method only to eliminate it.

I can assure you that if during the 4 months you have spent with an oral treatment and diet, you were also doing antifungal enemas during only 2 of these months, you were candida free at this time and enjoying your life.

I am tired of telling that the battle is so long because there isn’t way to delivery the antifungals in the colon when taken orally.

Suffering teach. People need to suffer to do the things. People need to see the end of the resources to take the right measures. It happened to me even dedicating more time to this syndrome that my complete professional career. ! Open your eyes.

You want to do a simple experiment ?? Give to your dog or cat a ton of food during a week, then, give it poison. It will die or not ??? Eat yourself the best nutritive food combination in the world and drink poison ?? What is going to happen ??

Candida don’t die because the poison don’t touch it.



Double yikes!! Jorge, man…go easy on me!!! Boy!!! Ya know, I’m just following directions! I’m just going with what I’ve learned so far. Yes, I have read about the enemas, but it didn’t seem to me that that was a mandatory part of the protocol?

Obviously I am learning here as well. But, I don’t know that if I would have been doing that, that I would be “enjoying life” for the past two months Candida free? Tell me, if that is “the” answer, then why am I not hearing that all over this forum and that people are “enjoying life”?

Thanks for your opinion though. I appreciate it. But still really…”Open your eyes”! Man, a little harsh.


Ok, the harsh part doesn’t have any meaning to me, that you be cured have.

Good Luck.