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Hello, Dave.

I recognize the benefit of using spirulina, especially being newly vegetarian/vegan. I am wondering if those who use spirulina here have a good source to recommend? I have browsed Iherb and Amazon and like the Source Naturals brand as it has 5 grams of protein and about 50 servings along with a host of other good vitamins and minerals. However I saw someone commenting that since it is not organic it is no good and also since it is from China and not Hawaii…I have no idea about these things so figure I will ask the seasoned vets.

You’ll probably find that a lot of spirulina is harvested from the South China Sea but manufacturered in other areas.
A few of the brands harvested from Hawaii are Spirulina Pacifica and Blue Hawaii Lifestyle.

The brand “EarthRise” from Earthrise Nutritionals LLC is grown in California, and although I’ve used it before, I don’t think it’s actually organic but only referred to as “natural.” Of course I’ve used other brands as well and really couldn’t tell a difference.

Also does everyone here generally encourage virgin coconut oil from tropical traditions with the Gold Label? After I finish my current jar off I want to restock with something high quality…I just want to be able to afford all this crap too but it seems like TropTrad regular expellar pressed oil is neither virgin, nor organic and not even from coconuts! So wanted to get some opinions here.

Tropical Traditions is a good dependable brand and one which I often used during my own treatment. “Living Foods Extra Virgin Coconut Oil” made by Garden of Life is another excellent brand which can usually be found in local health food stores as well as vitamin shops.