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IRDK;58950 wrote: Hi, thirst of all, thank you that you made me to even think of it, becouse i dint have any idea that it could be a problem. Now I think so. But I am still not sure if its a cause of everything, so didin’t started to do it, as i only now gathering info about that. Honestly I would do it now, to see how it work, if would have money for that, but that time doesnt came yeat. I am bound in agony with nobody sees and think that I’am simulating. I must to get money first, but it dificult to do any job, becouse of all that pain and foggy thinking. I got nothing to say much about chelation, but I’m really looking into that, and a soon as ill b e able to do it i will try if diet alone wont work good. I am ordering some anti fungals now to give a try to manage my candida with diet and them. After that, if it wont work ill add chelation, but i cant do now. You know, when i ate tuna I’m suddently got very very depressed craving for sugar, I ate it so much, and after that strated those pains to kick in…I isnt coinsidence..really thank you for helping. I will inform you about my chaletion later on if ill start it.

So, how is the ALA working, do you feel any improve now?

I think you have a pretty good plan put together. It’s my opinion that this syndrome we face is ultimately caused by many factors, but that mercury and heavy metals are the primary reason we suffer. Removing the metals safely usually leads to either significant improvements or a full recovery.

I have just completed Round #2 of ALA so I’m by no means recovered yet. It typically takes 50+ rounds of ALA to get your life back. Each round with recovery time included takes about a week, so with that you’re looking at a 2+ year recovery time. I have completed about 6 months of DMPS alone which has helped me considerably. It is only recently that I have added the ALA. I’m doing MUCH better now than before I had started chelation.

I don’t know exactly how tight your budget is, but DMPS can be purchased online for relatively cheap. Once you get the funds and your diet under control you should read over this site: It describes the proper way to chelate plus they have a store where you can buy DMPS for good prices. Here’s the store link:

Good luck! I wish you well!