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IRDK;58950 wrote:

Thank you guys for advices with chelation, but if ill do it, I’ll do it only after investigating Mercury levels in my body. I only thinking about it becouse I cant stand my pains anymore. I would do anything to feel healthy, to be able to smile again…LoL

I agree with Danny33 that doing low dose DMPS is relatively harmless and likely to provide relief if indeed mercury is a problem. For me, it’s made a huge difference, especially emotionally. I used to feel like everything was doom and gloom and that I’d never get better and now I can thankfully say that I no longer feel that way.

Hi, thirst of all, thank you that you made me to even think of it, becouse i dint have any idea that it could be a problem. Now I think so. But I am still not sure if its a cause of everything, so didin’t started to do it, as i only now gathering info about that. Honestly I would do it now, to see how it work, if would have money for that, but that time doesnt came yeat. I am bound in agony with nobody sees and think that I’am simulating. I must to get money first, but it dificult to do any job, becouse of all that pain and foggy thinking. I got nothing to say much about chelation, but I’m really looking into that, and a soon as ill b e able to do it i will try if diet alone wont work good. I am ordering some anti fungals now to give a try to manage my candida with diet and them. After that, if it wont work ill add chelation, but i cant do now. You know, when i ate tuna I’m suddently got very very depressed craving for sugar, I ate it so much, and after that strated those pains to kick in…I isnt coinsidence..really thank you for helping. I will inform you about my chaletion later on if ill start it. Btw sorry for grammar.

So, how is the ALA working, do you feel any improvement now?