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IRDK;58792 wrote: I think I might got poisoned by Mercury as a child

It’s possible. But even if you were poisoned as a child, many years later your body should have excreted the mercury. In addition, your body weight has increased, so any remaining mercury (if you have any at all) will have been diluted by the amount of mass you gained during growing.

IRDK;58792 wrote: I want to do Mercury chelating on my own with DMSA and Zeolite.

Mercury chelation is only useful if you have a mercury poisoning. Luckily, various posts in this forum indicate that it’s quite simple to determine if you have mercury poisoning. So please, have some reliable measurements done first.

I’m writing this because chelation has lots of disadvantages. That’s no problem if you really have a mercury poisoning, because in that case removing the mercury would be so important that you would accept the toxic effects of the chelators. But if you have no mercury poisoning, you would be stressing your body with the toxic effects of chelation, and there would be no advantage at all.

Please remember that chelation has an effect on many aspects of the body because it interferes with basic cell metabolism. So use it if you need it, but stay away from it if you don’t need it.

Danny33;58793 wrote: I believe heavy metal toxicity is far more common then people believe.
Initially, I assumed this condition was for those with dental amalgams.
I was very wrong. Dysbiosis + fish diet is dangerous.

Correct. There is no relation between dental amalgams and the amount of mercury in the body. This was measured in various organs of volunteers after they died – so this is the most reliable measurement possible.

Danny33;58793 wrote: I would start chelating with DMPS first. It’s proven both effective and safe for mercury chelation.

These last three words are the key.

Only, I repeat: only, use DMPS if, and only if, you have a proven mercury problem. Not a suspected one. Have a measurement done. Measurements are possible and not too hard to perform.

DMPS has disadvantages. Only use it when you are very certain that you have mercury chelation. Otherwise, you are accepting the poisonous effects of DMPS without any benefit.