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My first guess is that you didn’t do the strict part of the diet for long enough. You started to feel better and then added in new foods too soon…then things got worse. I would definitely say cut out the brown rice, oatmeal, and fruit and go backwards in time to when you first started the diet. Rice contains small amounts of starch and sugar. Fruits contain sugar. I don’t know the properties of oatmeal, but it isn’t on the allowed foods list. How long did you wait to add these foods in? I waited 4 months to reintroduce these items except I had about 25 blueberries in my yogurt in the morning.

Also, if you are eating beef or pork, this is not beneficial to the diet. It’ll cause inflammation and large amounts of ammonia production. For meat, I would stick to chicken, turkey, seafood, and maybe a little lamb. I would rotate between these throughout the week as well.

Instead of rice, I would eat buckwheat, quinoa, and possibly red/black rice (much healthier for you and less starch possibly). I would rotate between these throughout the week.

If you are eating yogurt, check to see how much sugar it contains. Try to keep your daily intake of all sugars to below 25g a day. Switch to greek yogurt because it contains much less sugar than regular yogurts (7-11g per serving). Greek yogurt and kefir contain probiotics which help heal your gut.

Tomatoes and carrots are not on the allowed foods list as well as other starchy vegetables such as potatoes. Save these for phase 2 if possible or eat in very small amounts.

I would consider switching to human derived probiotics such as the megaflora and HMF neuro because these bind to your intestinal walls better than any other probiotic. Its about quality vs. quanity! Kefir is very powerful as a probiotic as well.

Consider taking (fermented?) cod liver which will reduce inflammation. Consider doing an anti-inflammatory diet, which will address your main problem…inflammation (of the skin and organs).

If you have die-off at all anymore, try to do a sauna, hot tub, steam room, or even a hot bath to remove the toxins from your body.

I feel your woes, but you weren’t doing the diet strictly enough to fight off the candida fully.