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The candida overgrowth on my skin has now disappeared to 95% and the swelling on my skin is less as well, both has motivated me to keep going on without any cheating

That’s great news, really glad to read that.

However, I had Jalapenos yesterday and today with my salad and had a quite a hefty reaction, which I only had from the non-organic chicken before. I will not eat the Jalapenos or non-organic chicken again, but I’m very surprised since they were on the allowed list of foods. Is it because I’m perhaps generally allergic to it, irrespective of the fact that it does not feed the candida?

Can you describe the reactions for me?

The reason why I find it so hard to just stick to eggs and green veggies is that I feel very weak all the tie and have a permanent huge appetite even after just eating as the diet doesn’t feel “satisfying.

That’s not you, that’s the Candida’s reactions to no food. Read the following and maybe that extraordinary hunger will make more sense to you.
The Hunger

Week 2: a) add coconut oil as antifungal; b) add the first vitamin; c) start with Kefir; d)

Go ahead and add the vitamin C now.
Everything sounds good.

I will in a few weeks work 90-100h/week again, and I fear that I will definitely need more calories. What would be the best to do? Eating more coconut oil and greek yoghurt?

For a 90-100 hour week, I would definitely add oat bran bread to my daily diet; it seems to be denser and more satisfying than the coconut flour.
Bread Recipes

After reading all the info, I’m still slightly confused when I can introduce brown rice, oat bran (not only flour), crisp bread, and almond / hazelnut milk. Could you shed some light on this? I know it depends on your state, but is it something you can introduce with coconut milk 4 months into the diet or even later.

Brown rice: Look at brown rice the same as you do a donut. It’s starch, starch is basically nothing but sugar when it breaks down. So my question is, when do you think you’ll be ready to introduce donuts? You have to treat sugar from all sources the same, because they are.

oat bran: This type of oat bran can be introduced in another week or so, or just before you start working the extra hours. It can be eaten as a hot cereal of you can make bread with it.

Crisp bread: We don’t eat that very much here, at least no one I know does. What exactly is in it?

Almond / hazelnut milk of course are derived from nuts. These can possibly be tested near the end of the 1 stage diet. Can you tolerate coconut milk? You could possibly try this in a few months or many sooner if you need it, as a test food of course. You may as well get used to water and lemon water or chicory coffee.