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Hi Able,

First of all many thanks for answering all my questions, I much appreciate your help!

I ordered some 500g of coconut oil and the Molybdenum from Amazon today.

I haven’t asked for the stricter diet yet, since I find the diet from the protocol already very hard, i.e. organic eggs, green veggies. But perhaps the stricter diet might be more helpful in my case (?), so I will tell you a bit more about myself:

I’m now 25yrs old and when I was 2-5 I always had problems with my ears and received several antibiotic treatments, which for other reasons I also had later in my life for other reasons here and there. When I was around 11/12 I came home from swimming at the sea and realised that suddently any scratches on my skin would swell – the beginning of my urticaria facticia, a physical allergie that when my skin is scratched, lots of hestamine is released and the scratched area turns red and swells. I always had a very bad diet (but always in shape, never overweight), eating lots of pizza and sweets, especially chocolate.

I kept that habit until I was around 17 and my urticaria got worse, i.e. I much stronger reacted to the food I ate, so lots of sweets would make my skin so itchy that I would not be able to fall asleep at all sometimes. It took me quite a while to realize what the cause actually was, but the more you suffer the quicker you learn.

With around 20, I started to develop yeast fungals on my skin, not knowing what these coming and leaving dry brown spots on my back, neck, armpits really are I thought my skin would simply not get enough lotion. However, over the years the fungal grew as I didnt change my diet. Between my undergrad and postgrad programme I had some time and decided to finally take care of it, so I went to a several doctors and finally got an appointment in a dermatological clinic where it was decided that I head a yeast fungal which was treated with antibiotics and an acid lotion. That really helped and the yeast fungal seemed to have disappeared.

However, perhaps 6 months later it started coming back. I recently saw another doctor who gave me an anti yeast fungal lotion and shower gel. This didnt really help but by now I had realizd that the yeast fungal was always worse when I had a bad life style/diet, ie. more sugar, fast food and alcohol with stress, which are the same factors that make my Urticaria worse. So I thought I get rid of my Urticaria and then the yeast fungal will disappear too. I started to do bit of research and found a post online from someone who suffered from Urticaria as well and did the master cleanse + a non-sugar diet afterwards + lots of sports and he got rid of the Urticaria. That motivated me a lot and I started immediately with the master cleanse. While doing more research I found out about the candida diet and with growing understanding of what I actually suffer from, I replaced the master cleanse immediately with the cleanse from the website.

My yeast fungal has gotten so much better by now it’s unbelievable. It seems its dying off as my skin around that area is flaky the colour fades with every day. The only thing that hasn’t really improved at the same rate is my Urticaria. Even though I’m mostly just having the eggs and veggies (sometimes I do have a chicken, glass of almond milk or a crispbread |-: ) my skin is still very itchy and would sweel when scratched. But I believe that I cant undo in a 1-2weeks what I have done wrong in over a decade, so seeing the overgrowth on my skiny dying-off is already a very positive sign that motivates me to keep going. Once it has gone completely I hope my Urticaria starts getting better too.

If you believe the stricter diet would be more suitable for me, I would much appreciate if you could let me know what I have to do.

Thanks again for all your help!