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Healhy;40206 wrote: Hello I´m in a candida strict diet and I´m doing great but the other day my friend invite me to go to london 1 week. I want so much to go but I don´t know how to follow the diet. I can bring some foods like coconut bread but how can I cook eggs when I´m in london. Or how can I eat in a restaurant? Or imagine that I go to a shopping where they make salads. I can ask for a salad but I don´t know exactly what´s ingredients are there. So difficult. Some sugestions?

Personally, I rarely dine out just because we all know restaurants cook other foods that contain sugars and ingredients we can’t eat on the same equipment. However, we can’t always avoid it. I have eaten out 3 times in the last 4 months. If it is possible I would go to a restaurant that caters to custom cooked meals like this. That was where I had my best meal. I had grilled salmon with olive oil and lemon and simple steamed broccoli & string beans. You can also choose a restaurant that has a salad bar. Then you can choose only what is an allowable food and often they will have hard boiled eggs as well. good luck.