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NowOrNever wrote:
Disabled World – Disability News for all the Family:

Wow, I read through the disabled world candid page and there is some interesting information there. However, there is contradictory information there as well. For instance, they state avoid KIFER & COCONUT (??? hunh??) and they say to avoid instant oats but, then under foods to eat they list oats again. Just goes to show, how difficult it is to believe anything concerning candida without researching and making your own decisions. There are so many “opinions” out there it is mind boggling and makes going in any direction particularly confuddering.

One thing which I found useful,
“Before you start treatment for candida, you should try and read up about the subject and fully understand what is involved. As with anything else, knowledge is power.” Wish I would have been told that before I started treatment. Also, I highly encourage anyone considering candida treatment to print out the entire protocol and read it many times before starting treatment. It’s just too easy to start on diet/antifungals and get backed into a worse corner like I did…..still working on trying to undue the damage caused by LACK OF INFORMATION.