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NadjaB wrote: Why can’t we have products that contain gluten? Such as rye and oats?

Thank you 🙂

Able wrote:
and this is not because of the Candida overgrowth, in fact the gluten intolerance is normally already in place to some degree before Candida is contracted. Researchers believe that gluten sensitivity is often part of the cause of Candida, that is, anyone with gluten intolerance is more prone to develop a Candida overgrowth.


I think totally different than Able. In fact, it is the contrary.
I believe it is the fungal form of candida albicans which triggers Celiac disease and gluten intolerance. The problem isn’t the gluten but the fungal form of candida.
Keep in mind that candida in its yeast form doesn’t have the amino acid protein sequence that triggers gluten intolerance. The problem begin when the yeast mutates to fungus.

Here is how this happen in my view. For some reason you develop a FUNGAL intestinal overgrowth. It means the seed forms of candida that were present in your intestines mutated to filaments or germ tubes. Then, your immune system reacts and develops a response attacking the pathogen. Since this pathogen (candida albicans germ tubes) has a protein sequence almost identical to gliadin, the main protein in gluten, the immune system will attack gluten confusing it as the fungal form of candida. As a result, the immune system will attack the intestinal villi when you eat gluten. Remember, gluten is sticky and adheres to the intestinal brush border (villi). Attacking the gluten (glued to the villi) the immune system also destroys the villi.

It is candida in its fungal form which cause the attack against gluten. It isn’t gluten intolerance that causes candida. Candida stimulates an immune attack against HWP1 and gluten.

I believe one time the fungal overgrowth be eliminated and your immune system doesn’t see more gluten or fungus for at least 6 months, it refreshes and resets its memory allowing the presence of gluten without harming you. Normally, food intolerance disappears after 6 months of abstinence if the causative factors are corrected. I mean leaky gut, autoimmune attacks, triggers, etc.

I hope this help you.

Here is an article posted in the prestigious Lancet Journal of Medicine.

Here is the same article, the first you have to pay to see it.