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NadjaB wrote: Why can’t we have products that contain gluten? Such as rye and oats?

If you have a Candida overgrowth, the biggest problem with gluten is that Candida can feed on the products that contain gluten; and if the foods which naturally contain gluten are eaten on a daily basis, they’re capable of feeding and sustaining an entire Candida infestation indefinitely. But this isn’t the only problem which comes with eating gluten. The New England Journal of Medicine came up with a list of 55 different diseases which can and often are caused by gluten.

Part of the problem with gluten is that very few people with a gluten sensitivity are even aware of the fact. The actual number of people with this sensitivity is approximately one in every 150-175 people; however, a person who has contracted a Candida overgrowth has a higher chance of being intolerant to gluten than others; and this is not because of the Candida overgrowth, in fact the gluten intolerance is normally already in place to some degree before Candida is contracted. Researchers believe that gluten sensitivity is often part of the cause of Candida, that is, anyone with gluten intolerance is more prone to develop a Candida overgrowth.

Wheat, wheat germ, wheat grass, barley, rye, couscous, bulgar, farina, kamut, spelt, Seitan, graham flour, matzo, certain oat products, and semolina all contain gluten.

You probably know that, if you use pure organic oat bran such as Bob’s Read Mill brand, you’re not feeding the Candida.