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alexalgebra;43684 wrote: I haven’t had that in particular, but I know that sometimes when I store a lot of tension in a certain area, energy work/massage/accupuncture/yoga/meditation/all that nice relaxing hippie stuff has helped me to break that up and have a better energy flow. Have you tried any of that?

Hey! thanks for the response 🙂

I actually have been trying out some meditation lately for a half hour a day. What’s funny is today I’ve been testing out deep breaths all day long and I’ve actually noticed it has improved a bit. I guess I just always assumed it was still as bad as it was from a month ago and I was not taking deep breaths in to avoid the feeling. I still notice it a little bit but it’s not nearly as bad. I hope that it’s a sign that it’s going away.

I do definitely need better energy flow. I’m still recovering from the stress I went through for the last couple months and this candida problem isn’t helping but I do feel better.

I just wish the vertigo and sinus pressure in my head would go away soon. It really is depressing cause it stops me from enjoying anything and all I wanna do is sit on the couch or lay in bed.