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Hey Mooch, you know that some doctors just suck… I don’t know why they tested you for the same stuff if they had already tested you. Smh.. Then they wonder why health care is so expensive here. I think that if you stick with your acupuncture, you will notice a change in time. Seriously. I believe in you and I think you have made a huge effort towards good health. Don’t give up because of some doctor! If you look up problems with yeast and depression, they stem from the same place in chinese medicine, liver stagnation, and problems with dampness overall. I think if you keep going to see a certified acupuncturist you will see an improvement in time. The thing with chinese medicine is that your body and mind are intrinsically linked. There is no such thing as the western idea of a “psychosomatic” disease in the classical sense that we are “making it up”. In chinese medicine, all diseases are mind AND body diseases. Thus, your PTSD probably has affected your candida and vice versa. Get over to that acupunturists and get some ear seeds. Get them to put the ones on the earlobe for “Don’t worry” and “Be happy” 😀 Sending you hugs!