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moochpb;38286 wrote: he said its PTSD causing me to think this. He tested me for 9 vials of blood, yet again for HIV, hepatitis once again, prostate, Lyme, autoimmune stuff, irritable bowel disease. Even if some autoimmune stuff pops up what does that mean? Idk what to feel, am I nuts??? So sad. Thanks for listening

Is it possible that maybe its both PTSD and candida? I personally believe I have candida and other things complicating my symptoms, I think this can also be the case with other people as well, but obviously if you have both, giving up on one to treat the other will not make you any better. If you are responding to the candida protocol dont give up! but I’m unfamiliar with your situation, but if you think there is stock in what the doctor said maybe you should pursue it but I would not give up on the candida treatment in favor of that, you can do both, maybe thats the answer for you?