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M;54902 wrote: I’ve tried it a handful of times as a tea and wasn’t affected in a negative way by it, but perhaps further research as you suggest would be in order. It is supposed to be extremely good for general health though, if I’m not mistaken.

I remember it being very popular.
Many people benefit by it, and some were regular customers for it…you could set your clock with their arrival.

I believe we sold it in vials, I dont remember many people buying “root”.

Im sure its good stuff.
Many people coming to the herb farm specifically for medicinal-use herbs were people with health problems….asking about blood pressure when they wanting advice on KG was the only responsible thing to do.

Im sure if candida hasnt caused a bunch of other health problems, RKG is probably excellent for balancing energy levels,brain fog,and immune boosting.

Maybe the immune-boosting quality would help remove candida faster, using your own immune system. That would be interesting to note, and a pretty major breakthrough.

I know echinacea has been helpful to me, but only slightly, for the reasons of boosting my own immunity and being antifungal as well.

Ginseng may do this much better.

Very interested to hear how that plays out for you.

Just know that ginseng (and echinacea) exaggerate the actions of caffeine, if you consume coffee/tea.