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Able900;41155 wrote: Hello, Serene.
Raster mentioned applesauce, but the fructose will only make your Candida worse while you’re recuperating, thus adding to the agony of having wisdom teeth pulled. Oat bran and buckwheat can both be made into a soupy substance and eaten every day. You can add unsweetened coconut milk to this mixture to make it thinner if you need to, and you could also add a beaten egg to the mix before cooking for extra protein.

If you have a juicer this would be a great time to put it to work, and be sure that you continue your salt intake during this period.
Kefir and Greek yogurt are also good ideas.

With just a little effort, you can get through this without eating fructose or sugar.

Good luck.

Thank you Able, and raster. I did just purchase a juicer.. what perfect timing! I believe juicing my vegetables, kefir, greek yogurt and very thin oat bran with maybe some hemp protein or beaten egg will get me through this. I am determined not to have any additional sugar. Freeze pops were suggested and I cringed!