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So I wouldn’t consume quinoa because its very hard to digest and benefits the yeast from my experience…

Buckwheat groats are a great rice and quinoa replacement, similar texture, similar taste, but its a prebiotic that feeds the beneficial bacteria in the gut.

One thing to keep in mind is that all of your health problems are likely not completely related to yeast alone. For instance the blood disorder may not be related to yeast. The dermatitis and ringworm may stick around even with an anti-candida protocol.

For weight gain, I side with alex on it going away and then coming back. The body uses its resources to fight infection and once its under control, you will gain weight back. Also you need to increase the surface area of the gut in order to absorb more of the food you eat and this will allow you to gain weight. I started out at 135 pounds and now weigh 165 pounds. I was very very skinny starting this, went from 145 to 135 pounds and then gained it to the most I’ve ever weighed ever in my life (which is a good thing for me).

I’d also check out teff which has great weight gain and nutritional properties:

If you were to eat big 3-4 course meals with snacking between them you likely will get all of the food you need daily. Some people think they are eating enough when they are not. Additionally, if you were to drink smoothies with a bunch of allowed superfoods in them, then this likely will bring the nutritional benefit you are looking for. Its also easy on the digestion.

As far as the bad items, I would cheat occasionally to develop the gut flora that can break the food down. Maybe start out eating a potato/fruit once a month and eventually work your way up to once a week (or whatever works best). Use it as a special cheat item that you really look forward to. You don’t have to be super super strict, there is some space for the “bad” foods. Just not everyday.

I would start add foods over time as you get better. It isn’t meant to be followed super strictly for a super long period of time. Some of the non-allowed foods do bring nutritional benefit and you don’t want to work yourself into a corner if things don’t go as good as you hoped (some people worsen when they try the candida diet).

Hope this helps.

Be sure to detox as good as possible this time around and then you will feel better than last time.