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msquaz2 wrote: I have been on the strict diet for almost 7 weeks now. Last week, I finally started feeling great. I got over some infections that hit me during the first few weeks, the horrible die off symptoms I was having abated as I took lower doses of probiotics and anti-fungals. One of the main reasons I started this diet (self diagnosed, among many symptoms), was the fact that I get sick all the time. Always horrible sinus infections/chest colds. I am a healthy person in general and it’s infuriating. Anyway, I woke up this morning and have developed a chest cold again.
How do I know if this is working?

I think another relevant questions is, how do you know that you have a Candida overgrowth? What about Candida symptoms? Do you have many of these other than infections which can be caused by something else?

At some point, will I stop getting sick again? I was so hopeful this last week, I felt so good!
And how long should I stay on the strict diet for? How will I know when I can start reintroducing foods in again?Thanks for any advice and help!

Let us get a little more information from you before we try to answer questions such as these.