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Those are great questions. Do I know that I have Candida for sure . . . no. I have been struggling with my health for a long time and in the last 4 years, it has gotten worse. I have been to a sinus specialist (he said it was allergies), an allergy doctor (I am allergic to everything) and a holistic chiropractor (who said my adrenals are down and my immune system is down, but wasn’t able to tell me why). I currently don’t have insurance, I am substitute teaching, and can’t really afford to go to the doctor.

I stumbled on candida and was floored when I saw all the things I struggle with listed there. Sinus infections, swollen glands, bruising easily, cold extremities, tired all afternoon and suddenly having energy in the evening, in general, not a lot of energy, mucus in stool from time to time, excessive craving for sweets and alcohol, horrible acne where I used to have fine skin, I had developed really painful heavy periods. . .

I am sure there are other things as well. So far since starting the strict diet, my acne has gotten way better, as have my periods. This past week, I felt the best I have felt ever, energy wise. It seems like it is working overall and that I may have found the reason why I am just generally not healthy, when I live a fairly healthy life. That’s my hope anyway.

I was on birth control for a long time and finally stopped taking that for my health a year and a half ago. I have been on anti-biotics more than I would like to in order to get rid of infections that kept cropping up. Not doing that anymore. I feel like those may be to important things that have led to this?

I hope this answers anything and I definitely would appreciate any input.

Thanks! 🙂

ps. it’s still me, I had to change the login in name – I forgot my password and it wouldn’t email it to me for some reason. fail.