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msquaz2 wrote: I have been on the strict diet for almost 7 weeks now. Last week, I finally started feeling great. I got over some infections that hit me during the first few weeks, the horrible die off symptoms I was having abated as I took lower doses of probiotics and anti-fungals. One of the main reasons I started this diet (self diagnosed, among many symptoms), was the fact that I get sick all the time. Always horrible sinus infections/chest colds. I am a healthy person in general and it’s infuriating. Anyway, I woke up this morning and have developed a chest cold again.

How do I know if this is working? At some point, will I stop getting sick again? I was so hopeful this last week, I felt so good!

And how long should I stay on the strict diet for? How will I know when I can start reintroducing foods in again?

Thanks for any advice and help!

Just because you have recovered from candida doesnt mean you will never get sick again. This might sound trivial, but healthy people that dont have candida get sick right?