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It sounds like you need to chew your food more in general, as much as 30+ times per each bite. This will make it easier for your body to digest the food. When you chew your food you produce digestive enzymes that break it down…

The shrimp and scallops could be setting you back because they are relatively high in mercury.

The frequency of certain foods is up to you but I would be concerned about anything that is not digesting properly. Have you tried any leaky gut supplements?

I would consider not consuming kefir because most people who have recovered from CRC did not get better consuming kefir. It could vary person to person but kefir does contain some yeasts (such as candida) that can set you back potentially.

Fish oil has tremendous benefits so I don’t think the information you found is correct.

Vegetable smoothies are a great way to reduce the digestive load on your body.

Able got banned by the forum because he was sending people to his private website that promotes a variety of health products.

I can share a link to the forum diet if you want one.