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oh_livia;30652 wrote: Forget Cranberry, take D-Mannose! It’s the concentrated magic stuff in cranberries that washes out the e. coli bacteria. I’ve had very bad utis (peeing a lot of blood) that I’ve gotten over with D-Mannose. I also take it as a supplement, because I am still having chronic UTIs 6 months into the diet. You can find it at most vitamin shops. It comes in powder or capsule form. It is a sugar, but not a sugar that organisms can eat (i.e. that can feed candida). Good luck!

more info:
Normaly, one 50g dose of D-Mannose is sufficient. The first two days, the intake of one teaspoon every three hours is recommended. The following days, three times a day or according to needs. At this point, the infection should be cleared. It is recommended to keep taking D-Mannose once a day for a period of time.

D-mannose content in cranberries is the main reason why cranberry juice is often recommended for minor UTIs. D-mannose for UTI pain relief and treatment is ideal because it is produced by the body in the urinary tract lining and is available in health food stores as a supplement in powder and capsule form.

D-mannose typically eliminates UTIs caused by E. coli in as little as 24 to 48 hours. Moreover, D-mannose supplements can also be taken for UTI prevention, a benefit that antibiotic drugs cannot provide.

Note: If you do not notice an improvement in your symptoms within 48 hours, most likely your symptoms are not caused by E. coli. If that is the case, you may need to be treated with antibiotics and should see your doctor.

If you do have to take antibiotics: also take probiotics and antifungals
To maximize the beneficial effect of the probiotics, take them at least 2 hours apart from your dosage of antibiotics. This way as few as possible of the ‘good bacteria’ will get killed by the antibiotics in your gut.

Take the probiotics after a meal as this is when your stomach acid is at its lowest. You can take probiotics before, during and after your course of antibiotics.

Thank you very much for the info. Though, I can’t find D-mannose anywhere in my country :-((