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Thanks Raster. I really don’t know how this new treatment will go but it sounds way more on the money than anything else I have heard. (I seriously can’t believe the medical profession – jesus.)
I guess my point is that our bodies are all different, we’ve had different exposure to different things and have diff weak spots, so it makes sense to get an individual diagnosis. (Rather than diagnose yourself and try all those options – which is what I have been doing.) Far out.

Hope4eva – that sucks balls, just quietly. I hope you are getting through the die off. Are you doing any liver support? I am trying to think that if i stick to diet/treatment advice it means I get better faster, which means i can eat more fun stuff (in moderation) sooner etc.

Impossible – i’m not sure what she used. I’ll find out more. But she was the only practitioner to pick up on very low nutrient levels and offer specific advice about other bugs etc in my system (rather than just vaguely agree with my suggestion that it was candida). I’ll see how it goes.