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So this is what she uses. I’ll see how it goes but at this point it’s the best diagnosis I’ve had:
(She also does urine and saliva tests if required and some other stuff.)

BioCybernectic Medicine

This state-of-the-art, non-invasive computerised diagnostic and treatment technology measures the balances and imbalances of energy within the body. All functions of the human body are controlled by electrogmagnetic signals (EM signals). In order to determine whether your body is subject to distubances we measure your electro-magnetic energy system. According to the scale of the deviation from a balanced value, we can identify acute or toxic events, chronic illness or degeneration. This system is based on homotoxicology principals, where diseases are considered to ultimately be caused by toxins. These toxins can include chemicals, bacterial exotoxins, biological endotoxins, post-traumatic cellular debris and also by-products of the body’s own metabolic processes.

Listen System (Bio-Energetic Medicine/Electrodermal Screening)

The Listen System is a computerised program which draws upon concepts and methods used in Eastern and Western Medicine and uses Chinese Medicine knowledge, which idenfitied meridians within the body that are energy pathways. Variations from the norm can indicate if there is an energy imbalance within the body. With this system I can determine these imbalances and with this information I can determine the appropriate teatments/supplements which will stimulate the body’s energy system to rebalance and heal itself.

The energy measurements are taken with a probe that is applied to the meridian points on the hands and feet. Approximately 25-30 measurements are taken during a standard 1 hour consultation, which will include such areas as the immune and nervous systems, adrenals, liver, kidneys, skin, stomach and large and small intestines to name just a few. The energy readings are then captured on computer for analysis and provide a benchmark for measuring recovery.

The Listen Program can also perform the following:

Food Allergy Testing
Environmental and Chemical Allergy Testing
Vitamin and Mineral Anaylsis Testing for Heavy Metal, Pesticide, Chemical and Solvents