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Able900 wrote: The information concerning rutabagas was written by members on the forum, so you need go no further if you insist on proof.

I didn’t misstrust you, I just assumed there was a source since you claim rutabaga is the most potent antifungal. Now I know your basing the statment on your own and other forum members experiences, which is totally fine, but I was interested in reading in to it. I’m often curious about questions like why and how. And the answer, because, leaves me dissatisfied. That’s why I asked, just to please my curiosity nerve.

Rutabaga sure seems to give people strong reactions. Is this healthy, even if it’s due to a die-off?

Another question on rhubarbs, since I love it, are they safe to consume in high amounts?

Thank you for sharing the stories on rutabaga, and thank you for helping!