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I get terrible skin and fatigue if I eat to much rutabaga, so I guess I can vouch for its effectiveness too.

Able900 wrote: If anyone’s interested, the difference between raspberries and turnips is, turnips contain antifungal properties but raspberries don’t. Turnips are a member of the same family of vegetables as rutabagas, the most powerful antifungal-food source available. That’s why turnips are on the strict diet and raspberries are not; it’s another situation seen often on the diet which is, “The positive far outweighs the negative.”

Turnip was a point of reference to put the 1g of sugar per serving into perspective. In addition to their anti-inflammatory properties, high-fibre content and cholesterol regulating effects, raspberries also have anti-microbial properties, which according to this study includes candida and h. pylori. The fibre includes prebiotics too, which seems to be the reason oat bran, buckwheat etc are included in the diet, so I don’t think it’s right to dismiss them as if they’re bananas or some other fruit that’s going to cause an unpleasant setback.

Wouldn’t reducing your serving of Greek yoghurt by 15g to accommodate the sugar in an ounce of raspberries to mix in take care of the problem? Then you’d get prebiotics to go with your probiotics and the other bonuses as well as the added flavour and variety.