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hi Raster,

I had read that the Specific carbohydrate diet works well to heal leaky gut, by avoiding grains, and some say it eliminates candida over time. I am doing SCD to kill off bad bacteria.

I believe I have colon candidiasis, I definitely don’t have systemic knock wood. So that’s why I was eating fruit, per the SCD Diet. I didn’t start out eating fruit though, and did several weeks of Able’s strict diet plus almonds while on Nystatin tablets. I have made progress I know, especially with the bacteria. My problem is that I really dont have too many symptoms, so it’s hard to tell if what I’m eating is feeding candida. But I know I have candida and bad bacteria because of a CDSA 2.0 stool test, and I know I have leaky gut because of my reactions. And I do sometimes get die-off symptoms.

I was so hungry all the time so I started eating the fruit and also to put some weight back on. But I didn’t have a reaction, but, I’m guessing it was feeding the candida. it’s just hard to know for sure.

Thanks to the Betaine, I am no longer reacting to many foods that used to bother me, but others like eggs, beef, milk, still bother me. If I go off the betaine, then they bother me again. My symptoms from those are a runny nose the next day and a couple of spots on my face, depending on how much I ate. I think I had worse symptoms many years ago, but since giving up gluten and milk about 7 years ago, things like tiredness and brain fog seemed to go away on its own.

I have been drinking a fair amount of water kefir, but am wondering if it has too much fructose. Have others been successful on water kefir?

As for supplements, I am taking Seacure (white fish protein). L-Glutamine breaks me out. Since I’m on SCD, I can’t do slippery elm, or anything else that creates mucus in the gut. I’m also not eating grains. My thoughts were, eliminate candida and bacteria first, then heal leaky gut. SCD heals IBS, Cronhs, UC, for about 80% of ppl. I don’t have those, but if it’s strong enough for that, it might work for leaky gut.. and i read several articles that says it does.

Thanks much!,