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Since I do a lot of stirfry for supper, I get a lot of the ingredients frozen. There have been lots of studies done on frozen foods and nutritional value. Most experts say that the nutritional value is better in frozen foods because they are harvested at peak ripeness and frozen rather than being harvested far too early, before it has lots of its’ nutrients, and shipped where they ripen in route to the store shelf. That being said, I buy organic frozen broccoli, cauliflower, and cut green beans at a regular grocery store. I also get organic frozen cut okra, and a few other things at a local whole foods store. All of these frozen vegetables usually cost about $1.00 more per 16oz (1 lb) bag. Granted thats approximately double, but still not a bad price in my opinion. Also, you have a frozen vegetable that costs much less than fresh for the most part, and will keep much longer than fresh so waste is largely reduced.

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Let me be a little more specific. Frozen vegetables are better than store bought vegetables most of the time. If you grow a garden or can get them fresh at a farmers market that is always the best route. I find they taste much better too.