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brendo wrote: I guess the ideal situation would be to use fresh organic vegetables, but I’ve been trying to make some stirfrys and vegetable dishes and find myself using more frozen vegetables, like frozen green beans, brussel sprouts, broccoli, asparagus etc.

This wouldn’t affect anything would it? I’m still only eating the vegetables on the allowed foods list!

Also, I’m just beginning the “diet” part after doing a cleanse for two weeks. I’m wondering which would be the most beneficial element to add at this time. Homemade kefir? Coconut oil?

I read that the frozen ones are often fresher than the vegetables which where laying around in the store for a long time or where transported a long way.
Organic out of the garden are best, second are organic frozen ones I believe or from an organic farmer. If you dont get organic take the other ones which are still good food. I believe it is Coconut oil, using it you will not loose so quickly lots of weight and its a anti-fungal too.