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Thanks for sharing akay; its good to hear that someone else out there also thinks almonds and rice can set back your progress! Its all about trial and error and you figured it out…

One of your last symptoms is the achy joints. This is likely due to mineral deficiencies and you need more trace minerals. Examples include zinc, magnesium, calcium, selenium, iodine…there’s a whole bunch of them! I’d supplement yourself with these as much as possible. There is also some homeopathics that can reverse demineralization (loss of minerals) and you could get these from a naturopath.

Mineral hot springs also help get nutrients into the body and if you can do it, I’d try it out! Salt only has a few minerals within it so you gotta supplement yourself.

Constipation is one I’ve recently gotten over and I am very happen to be where I am at. Anything less than 3 bm’s a day is considered constipation (I take 2 bms per day so still got to improve I guess). The major things that have helped my constipation include chamomile tea, chewing my food more, antifungals, trace minerals, and inulin. Eating plenty of food helps as well.