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I was suddenly struck by excessive gas and poor digestion a couple weeks ago. It was bad, and I thought my candida was back in control. However, I’ve changed a few things around, and it’s gotten a lot better. I made all the changes at about the same time, so I can’t really tell you what had what kind of impact, but here’s what I did:

-Peppermint pills. These are supposed to help kill excessive bacteria, which I hypothesized was causing my problems (gas comes from bacteria).
-I started eating a couple of slices of jalapeno peppers before breakfast. This encourages your body to produce stomach acid and digestive enzymes. Prior to eating the jalapenos I drink 1/4 cup aloe vera gel so that the peppers don’t mess with my insides.
-HCL at the beginning of meals.
-Changed from over 100 billion count probiotics to 24 billion count probiotics per day (This just happened to coincide with my probiotic schedule, but it could have had an impact)
-I stopped eating onions.

Again, not sure what had the most effect, but you may want to consider these methods.