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raster wrote: No they don’t feed yeast because they only feed beneficial bacteria. If they did feed yeast, it’d feed it just as much as other foods we eat.

There are dozens of types of sugars and in fact, there is no way to completely avoid sugar while on the diet. For instance, a head of lettuce contains 3g of sugar and a red onion contains 5g of sugar. If we were to avoid all foods containing sugar, there would be nothing left to eat except for water.

Everything we eat feeds candida; its all about feeding candida less than with other foods.


Thanks Raster! I knew FOS was beneficial, but didn’t realize it was actually a long chain sugar and was afraid to take it unless I received additional clarification to confirm it wouldn’t do more harm than good.

I had my first acupuncture treatment today and loved it! Absolutely no pain and it was very relaxing. Hope it does some good. She recommended NEEM to help with the yeast. Have you had any experience with this?