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Hi raster

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve been working on this for the past few days with an expert in the software we use on this forum.

It turns out that the problems we’ve had over the past week are due to the hosting company that we’ve been using. The server where they host this forum has had some major issues which are being resolved right now. While this is being resolved you might still experience some timeout errors. If you do, just refresh the page (F5) and it should be fine. This is almost certainly related to your CAPTCHA issue.

Separately, we’ve fixed that longstanding login/logout issue, so you should remain logged in for much longer now.

Lastly, once we have these issues fixed and the forum is stable, we will be upgrading to a more recent version of the software. This should be more stable and offer some extra functionality for both admins and forum members. We might need to close the forum for a short period to do this, but I will let you know in advance.


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