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1533jd;33079 wrote:
I believe Pantothenic Acid (B5) would be good to help, as to me it just seems the key is to find ways of helping your liver’s function, efficiency and elimination of toxins. Would you recommend this?

If you aren’t allergic to bee stings, bee pollen is an excellent source of pantothenic Acid plus it is known to boost the immune system. Buy it as fresh as possible and take a pinch under your tongue and let it dissolve – start with small doses in case you have some allergic reaction you couldn’t have anticipated. Plus, it is easily absorbed sublingually.

1533jd;33079 wrote:
Also apparently I need to take selenium to help synthesise the Iosol Iodine im taking to help balance my thyroid aka hormones. Is this true?

Selenium from my understanding is a critical mineral particularly when doing an iodine supplementation protocol. There are some others like increased Vit C, etc…many cross over to what this forum’s vit/mins in this protocol. My hunch is most people here already had immune issues due to fighting candida long before we knew something was wrong.

You are most welcome JD and I wish you nothing but, healing graces along your journey.

PS – Coconut Oil is my new best friend. I eat 7-8 spoons per day and rising.