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Kag;34946 wrote: I think a lot of the problems with wheat and gluten can be linked to the amount of gmo wheat we eat and the limited selection of wheat we get. There are so many different varieties of wheat and we get maybe two. When I first started at the Co-op, there was not anywhere near the amount of people with celiac and gluten intolerance coming into our store, now it is probably every third or fourth customer.

Also, who knows what is happening to our systems when we eat “round-up ready” gmo wheat. I don’t want to eat anything that has been sprayed with roundup 4 or 5 times before it is added to my food!

Most of the other grains tend to be less popular therefore less likely to be gmo or sprayed like crazy with chemicals. I think besides diabetes, we are going to be looking at an epidemic of auto-immune disorders in the next twenty years. And guess what folks, they dont’ eat this stuff in Europe, brand name food is the U.S. does but in Europe, those same brands have substituted out the gmo’s because the consumers demanded it. Just something to think about.

Yes Kag, sad and true. I am celiac and have leaky gut and have auto-immune disease. And when I got sick, I could not eat and somehow I would be able to get a roll down with some butter and this is what I ate for days and kept getting worse and worse and sicker and sicker. Now I know why!

And I believe that us in Europe also eat poisonous grains if not as poisonous as in USA. At least in US (as well as in Europe Union) you have a choice of organic. In my country (Bosnia) there is very little and what is it’s 10 times more expensive!