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Diet is essential part of getting better. However I know Brenda Watson helped cure someone of candida with eating her candida diet which is a lot less strict the strict diet here (more types of meat, some fruit like berries, summer squash, brown rice, nuts, many other things not on here). This girl had an major overgrowth of candida. I watched a video with the patient, the doctor (needed for prescriptions) and Brenda. She explained that diet is very very important and needs to be a part of solution but she also said she think with some people medicine is needed to get better. She used diet, natural supplements (like the stuff suggested on here) and medicine to fix this girls candida issue. Because candida can adapt so fast she changed the medicine every couple of days so the candida could not adapt to it. This is why Brenda thinks it is very important that you find a integrative doctor that will help you heal you.

With all this being said, many people on here have fixed themselves through diet and natural antifungals alone. I think you can heal yourself through this diet and protocol if you stick to it. 😀 But I do believe there are other ways people can be healed, and this girl is proof that this does happen(and that given the right help the diet does not need to be as strict). However, you need to be able to find a doctor that knows a lot about candida, which is a very hard thing to do. So for most people, because of financial or lack of finding a doctor the strict diet here is the way to be healed. Just to clarify I completely agree with the diet on here and think it is great. I think it is the way to get healed if no doctor is helping you. I am just trying to share information that I have found.

Lots of love,