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Hello, Alex.

canned tuna in water

Tuna is alright if eaten only about once a week.

tomatoes and beans

Neither of these should be eaten until several months into the treatment.

i eat 3 cups of oat bran a day, is this a mistake?

Send a link to the specific oat bran you’re eating.

my supplements are phsylum husk for fiber

I wouldn’t use psyllium husks if you paid me. Read the post below if you have constipation problems.

vitamin c 1000 mg with citrus bioflavonoids ( dont know what that is)and molybdenum. thpse are my supplements, is it importnant to buy more or i am good with these basics?

On the label of the Molybdenum, does it read “Molybdenum Amino Acid Chelate” of simply “Molybdenum”?

also i got my probiotics 50 billion count which i am going to be taking soon and coconut oil which i cut it out bcuz i am waiting for symptoms to pass

Are you talking about die-off symptoms?